My journey and passion for all things sweet started with the world renowned pastry chef Adriano Zumbo, since then I have worked with the best of the best in the cake decorating industry, Anthea Leonard, at the eminent Sweet Art in Paddington and am now the head Cake Decorator working with a wonderful team at Dulcet Cakes & Sweets. My journey through this industry has brought on a lifetime of opportunities for me, I have gained incredible new skills and techniques over the years and have improved the aesthetics and quality of my cakes tenfold.  

As a kid growing up in Haberfield to Italian parents who were very traditional in many ways. My fondest memory was my mum making my birthday cake every year to bring to school and share with my friends. I cannot describe the sheer excitement and joy this brought me, they were the highlight of my day, they always followed a different theme, they were big and they were as impressive to others as they were to me. 

Fast track to life as an adult, I take that joy and excitement home with me every day. When I see the reaction of my client/s knowing I have made their dream cake a reality is not only rewarding but satisfying to say the least. 

Cakes are a wonderful addition to any special event, they are the centrepiece of a room, they bring people together and it is something that makes your special day all that more special and memorable. These moments make what I do so rewarding.

The reality is, the cake and the candle that it bears make occasions something we keep believing in.